Latin American Ministry is  People Helping People


Through structured feeding programs organized and implemented in poverty stricken areas of Saltillo, Mexico, Wings of Hope Feeding Centers were born. Children receiving hot, nourishing meals prepared by loving adults would be the key to changing their futures.


Through partners like you, from all over the United States, Wings of Hope Feeding Centers are maintained and nurtured by Latin American Minsitry. Children are fed, loved and taught through your tax dedutible gift.


Because People Matter. In 2003 LAM discovered there are great needs throughout Latin America. Many children live on what little food they could beg, borrow or steal. A partially eaten bag of chips or a tortilla found on the street, may be all some of them get for the day. Jim and Pam Stockdale determined to change that, at least for some. It was for that reason that in 2005 Wings of Hope was birthed and continues feeding children today.


Our Specialty is SMILES

Seeing one of our children smile is always a goal for us. The smile on a child's face is the reward we work for at a Wings of Hope feeding center. You can join the list of many who have helped put a smile in place. Invest today in a child's future. GIVE NOW