Wings of Hope Feeding Centers

Located in Saltillo, Mexico, Wings of Hope is engaged with children from the poorest areas. In December of 2005 the desire to make a difference in the lives of children became a compelling drive for LAM.

Once a suitable location and administrator was found, the course was set and there would be no turning back.

Javier Arg├╝ello was that man who could be boots on the ground and administrate the feeding centers.

Since that day back in 2005, more than 150,000 hot meals have been served to children living in desperate conditions.Not only meals are served. There is a healthy, heaping, helping of love served from a staff of volunteers who give of themselves daily to bless others.

There is also a class room environment at each center. Children are taught memory skills, health and hygiene as well as in depth stories about good moral behavior and character development.

LAM depends upon donations from its partners to continue this work.


Crusade Evangelism

At the heart of LAM is evangelism. Its directors, partners and sponsors are passionate about sharing the love of Christ with our neighbors next door and around the world

Latin America is still a ripe harvest field for mass crusades to reap bountiful results. 

Having been a part of crusades, leadership development and public presentation of the Gospel for years, Jim and Pam are excellent choices if you're looking for somewhere to invest evangelism dollars. 

Making Disciples

Since the command to Go into ALL the world and MAKE disciples was the last command given to the New Testament church AND Jesus has never told us to stop doing so, we must continue in His plan for His church and make disciples. 

LAM is involved in equipping, mentoring and teaching others at every opportunity. Leadership training is at the forefront of LAM's vision and great care is taken to do so at every opportunity. Discipleship occurs in classroom settings as well as private settings. One on one is often the most effective of all, however at no time is private mentoring with the opposite sex permitted by LAM, call us old fashion but we believe strongly in accountability, integrity and character.