Our Leaders

No organization will ever rise above its leadership. Below are those who lead Latin American Ministry. You will notice that each of our leaders is pictured with their spouse (If married. Good leadership begins at home and is an important part of our leadership qualifications. 


  • Executive Directors - Jim and Pam Stockdale

    Married since September of 1980 Jim and Pam have been involved in ministry their entire life together. They excel in public speaking and have shared a life of communicating hope to others. Since 2003 they have focused their efforts in Spanish speaking countries and presenting those needs to people here in the U.S. Either or both are available for your group or church function. Jim is also an accomplished musician and prolific song writer with many CD's to his credit.  Many teaching recordings are available on the media page and can be downloaded for free.

    Jim and Pam are both authors and Jim's book Fit To Be Tied is available in English and Spanish. There is also a companion workbook in both languages. Both have been widely accepted as discipleship must reads. 

    Jim's Bio

    Pam's Bio

  • Administrator - Mexico - Javier and Mily Argüello

    Known for his organizational skills and extensive connections throughout the area, this Mexican national was born and raised in Saltillo, MX. Jim first met Javier in July of 2005 after landing in Saltillo looking for the connection the God had for him. Armed with only a scrap of paper with the name Javier Argüello written on it, Jim looked Javier up in the phone book. After choosing from several listed there, he called and Voilá, the right one the first time. The connection was made. Since that time Javier has organized and executed tens of thousands of meals and many events for LAM. He has traveled thousands of miles alongside Jim and Pam in the U.S., Cuba, Honduras and Costa Rica. They are the face of Latin American Ministry in Mexico.

  • Danny Dubose - Board Member

    Danny Dubose is founder and president of Bama Air, a full service Fixed Base Operator at Tuscaloosa airport, Tuscaloosa, AL. He has been a long time friend of Latin American Ministry. His relationship goes back to 2002 when Jim first began taking flight instruction in a Cessna 172 rented from Bama Air. Danny has served on the Board of Directors since LAM's inception and has been a faithful friend and adviser to the ministry since 2003. Danny and wife Tina reside in Tuscaloosa and Danny is a professional pilot.

  • John Alford - Board Member

    John Alford is owner and founder of Sonrise Medical located in Oxford, MS. John and wife Michelle are dedicated to the call and mission of Latin American Ministry. Their first trip to Saltillo, Mexico in 2006 gave them a shared passion and desire to be a part of a ministry making a difference. John has more than 30 years in the medical industry and wife Michelle is an RN. Together their combined medical skills and entrepreneur savvy would make them a wonderful part of any team. John has an uncanny insight to business and a love for God that he brings to the table for LAM. We are proud to call them friends.

  • Anthony Daley - Board Member

    Anthony & Julia Daley are pastors of one of the fastest growning churches in Clarksville, TN. Their heart beats for missions. Because their ministry mandate is to make disciples and release ministers throughout the nations, the Daley’s have traveled to Mexico, India, Africa, China, and the Philippines. They do this in an effort to plant churches, minister at conferences, hold crusades, and care for widows and orphans. Their alignment with LAM began in the fall 2014 and continues to grow stronger each year. Stockdale's and Daley's have traveled to many parts of the U.S. and the world together . 

  • Rick Price - Board Member

    In the fall of 2002 Rick Price was transitioning from the flight department at Walmart Corporate Headquarters to Net Jets. Jim made a phone call to Rick Price and asked him, "Would you consider donating flight lessons to me?" The answer was a resounding yes. With that phone call and after a required airman's physical, Rick began the tedious task of teaching Jim to fly. As a former Net-jets Captain, Rick is now an instructor at an elite flight training center in Wichita, KS called Flight Safety. He has been involved with LAM since its inception in 2003 and has served on the Board of Directors many of those years. Rick is married to Janette and together they participate in Latin American Ministry.

  • Cindy Argüello - Community Manager - Mexico

    Javier and Mily's daughter Cindy works closely with her father keeping records and encouraging the children with frequent visits to the Feeding Centers. Cindy is also the official photographer and videographer for LAM. She is a talented musician with many popular Christian music videos circulating the web. 

  • Rodrigo and Milka Gámez - Directors Lopez Mateo

    In 2010 we were approached by a pastor in another poor area of Saltillo. His name was Rodrigo. He told us the story of how he had grown up a poor home with a single mother in Cancun. What caught our attention was the phrase, "My mother took us to a feeding center where we found Jesus." He told of finding a new life and how that faith and a feeding center had kept them alive. It was from that humble beginning that he and wife Milka now operate the Lopez Mateo feeding center. It is his desire to give back that pushes them to reach out to the poor children that come to the Wings of Hope feeding center which meet