Jim & Pam Stockdale

Jim and Pam Stockdale have been happily married since September of 1980. They have two married daughters, Kristen Howard and Brittney Lawley. They have 4 grandchildren: Ben, Eva Jewel, Charlotte and Caroline. 

This couple has spent the past 42 years in full time ministry.  Jim worked on his Spanish skills and received his pilot training while serving as an associate and worship pastor in Tuscaloosa, AL. During the establishing years for the Wings of Hope feeding centers, Jim and Pam flew back and forth to Mexico in their private airplane almost monthly. When it became too dangerous for them to go into Mexico, the centers were established and under competent local leadership and required fewer visits.  Jim preaches and sings in Spanish or English. He has numerous recordings to his credit and Jim and Pam are published authors with numerous books.

Pam has been a constant companion and partner in ministry for all of their married life. In the beginning she was uncomfortable speaking before crowds and was content to be in the background. To hear her today it would be difficult to believe she was ever uncomfortable being in front of people. Today Pam is a popular speaker to both ladies and men crowds. She has a commanding knowledge of the Word of God and has an uncanny ability to dig around the roots of your heart and make you cry one minute and laugh the next. Pam is able to hold listeners spell bound and is an able teacher of both men and women. She has a tenacious faith and is someone you want in your corner in a fight. 

Pam has been a full time wife, mother, pastor, teacher, mentor and is eager to move into the grandmother stage of her life. She will bless your group or church. Pam is an articulate writer and is currently compiling material for a compelling devotional book to be released soon. 

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